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作者:  [日本] 佐佐木洋子
出版社: 二十一世纪出版社
ISBN: 9787539147659

- 资料来源:豆瓣读书


  • 7册《噼里啪啦系列》
  • 一份为新手家长准备的亲子共读简易手册
  • 一份个人化寄语
  • 以孩子名字客制化的礼盒包装

Important Notes:

1.邮寄须知Shipping Terms


每公斤征收额外RM8邮费,采用Ninja Van的快递服务(运输需要2-5工作日)。






目前【亲】社企在东马采用Prabayar Ekonomi(运输期5-15工作日)。

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Delivery to West Malaysia 

Shipping fee is RM8 per kg. Currently we are engaging the courier services of Ninja Van. Shipping time is estimated to be between 2-5 working days.

Shipping is free for orders amounted to RM108 and above.

Delivery to East Malaysia 

The packaging for all starter box will be changed from boxes to honey-comb wrapping paper (See Picture above.).

An additional RM5 will be charged for every 0.5kg of shipping order. E.g. If the total weight of shipment is 1.5kg, the total shipping fee will be RM15. 

Shipping is free for orders amounted to RM300 and above.

Currently we are engaging the delivery services of Prabayar Ekonomi. Shipping time is estimated to be between 5-15 working days.

2.个人化寄语 Customized Message from Sender to Recipient

Check Out后请将宝宝的小名,您的寄语和署名,填在Remark一栏。付款成功后,【亲】社企在准备礼盒中会再次确认送礼资料,请您放心。如果购买过程中遇到任何困难,请email:。

Upon checking out, please include the baby’s name, your personal message and name in the REMARK column. Once the payment is successful, we will contact you to confirm all the details. Should you encounter any issues with the order, please contact